martes, 22 de mayo de 2012


The Missing Leech – Procurarem
Shalants – Riverbanking
Moomaw – track 5
Anton Barbeau – Mahjong dijon
The Unknown Project – Poursuite
Yards – 1
Tim Holehouse – The prisoner
Cuzo – Mundo subatómico
L’Impasse Humaniste – Downtown
Liannallull – Jo no vull el vostre paradís
Pale Man Made – In your bed
Songstore – Nueva Icaria
Annabeth McNamara – No-good do-gooder
I Am Dive – Game over
Peter Piek – You’re so right
Entrevista amb Peter Piek
Peter Piek – live song
Peter Piek – Girona
Lucky Fonz III – Asylu
Entrevista amb Lucky Fonz III
Lucky Fonz III – Mickey
Lucky Fonz III – We are still young
Entrevista amb Peter Piek
Peter Piek – The words they’re left undone
Tori Sparks – Quizás quizás quizás
Les Barbeaux – Los cuernos

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012


The Missing Leech – Vora el foc
Shalants – Riverbanking
Moomaw – track 3
Yards – track 1
Tim Holehouse – Rogues gallery
Spiritualized – Hey Jane
The Unknown Project – (Whatever happened to) Otis
Anton Barbeau – Fuzzchild
Peter Piek – Tree
I Am Dive – I remember
Annabeth McNamara – Zombies of abundance
SNAFU Kitties – After all
Beastie Boys – Fight for your right
Guttercats – Dead stars
Ramones – Rockaway beach
The Beach Boys – Do you want to dance
Caustic Roll Dave – Tomorrow
Charge Group – Volcano
Les Barbeaux – La chanson du kazoo

domingo, 15 de abril de 2012


The Missing Leech - L'amic dels Beatles
Stay - Waiting for my girl
Peter Piek - The words they're left undone
Tim Holehouse - Into Mexico
Shalants - When it comes down to it
Moomaw - track 1
Anton Barbeau - Losing you makes crucifixion easy
Alado Sincera - Usted está aquí
Pale Man Made - Cutout
Skaters - Schemers
Guttercats - I wanted you
Charge Group - Resistencia
L'Impasse Humaniste - Le dernier
Goat Cheese - Pas contente
Caustic Roll Dave - Lord, don't wanna die alone
Les Barbeaux - La chandelle
Dusty Springfield - I just don't know what to do with myself
The Beach Boys - Student demostration time
Los Raskaï - LA taxi driver
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill - Death wish
Lullavy - Tu larga mirada

domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012


The Missing Leech – Vora el foc
Bardamu – Blinded in Praha
Stay – I feel you around
Toby Goodshank – Pray to you
Pale Man Made – Trojan horse
The Submarines – Just like honey
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill – Mr Sinister surf
Twerps – Coast to coast
L’Impasse Humaniste – Dowtown
Crystal Stilts – Radiant door
Shalants – The kissing of the leper
Skaters – Good weird woman
Guttercats – Ain’t it true
Noah & The Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
Peter Piek – Elli
Bachelorette – Blanket
The Unknown Project – Lovesong
The Magnetic Fields – Andrew in drag
Erin Lang – Now
Alado Sincera – Manos limpias
Los Raskaï – Angelo
Common Deflection Problems – Lot of fun down the vatican
Love – Stephanie knows who
The Monkees- Porpoise song

domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012


The Missing Leech – Confusions
Stay – Revelation of soul
Guttercats – Last chance loser
Tori Sparks – Until morning
Yngve & The Innocent – Draw a line
Anton Barbeau – The automatic door
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill – Baby c’mon
The Wedding Present – Make me smile (come up and see me)
Pale Man Made – Train tracks
Shalants – Incantations
Peter Piek – Meteorite float
Erin Lang – Happy to see you
L’Impasse Humaniste – Le dernier
The Unknown Project – Ghost of #1
Los Raskaï – Negrita
Les Barbeaux – Rene Cade
The Equals – I get so excited
The Monkees – Pleasant valley sunday
Bardamu – Blinded in Praha

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012


The Missing Leech – Us trobaré a faltar
Mates Mates – Residència nuclear
Balancí – Nit en blanc
Bardamu – New face
Toby Goodshank – Sick of this
Flor Braier – Al reves
Tori Sparks – Tenesse line
Annabeth McNamara – Zombies of abundance
Peter Piek – Tree
Shalants – Honesty
Matt Baldwin – Imaginary psychology
The Unknown Project – (Whatever happened to) Otis
Los Raskaï – Soledad
Les Barbeaux – Los cuernos
Krista Muir – Start again
Les Bicyclettes Blanches – Alley cat
Erin Lang – You’re better off
Anton Barbeau – Pilot plane passenger
Pale Man Made – Darwin
We Can’t Be Lovers – Frankfurt “Los Freaks”
Golíat – Bon cop de piolet
Dead in Montana - Distrusted

domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012


The Missing Leech – No
Mates Mates – El pinsà
Atleta – Carasmiradas
Moomaw – Track 3 from Megalolaopus CD
Shalants – The mercury twins
The Unknown Project – Prelude to moonlight (Silent movie version)
James Kakande – Heaven
Anton Barbeau – Mahjong dijon
Peter Piek – You’re so right!
Digger Barnes – The river
Tori Sparks – Rain (The widow)
Matt Baldwin – Bokarian dervish
Thee Oh Sees – Meat step lively
Golíat – Estranys veïns
Dead in Montana – 1348
Pale Man Made – Dog, cat, pony
Les Bicyclettes Blanches – Bzzz
Annabeth McNamara – Way down south
The McCoys- Hang on Sloopy
The Monkees- Daydream Believer
T.S. Brooks – Chimes
Bardamu – The day you did not...
Flor Braier – You are so apricot
Erin Lang – You’re coming home
Krista Muir – Dante Park
Balancí – Nit en blanc